Board Members

Joseph Miller
Term expires June 2026

Joe Meuth
Term expires June 2027

Tom Sachs
Term expires June 2028

Darrell Sachs
Term expires June 2029

Tim Pruitt
Term expires June 2029

Dave Hakenewerth (Alt)
Term expires June 2029

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is a volunteer resident board, consisting of five regular members and three alternate members serving five year terms.  Members must reside within the City, be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen.  The Board of Adjustment does not have a set meeting schedule.  Meetings are called, as needed, by the chairman of the Board of Adjustment.

29.03 MEETING AND VOTING:  The Board of Adjustment shall adopt rules in accordance with the provisions of any ordinance adopted pursuant to Section 89.010 through Section 89.040, of Chapter 89, of the Missouri Statutes.  Meetings of the Board of Adjustments shall be held at the call of the chairman and at such other times as the Board of Adjustment may determine. Such chairman or in his absence the acting chairman, may administer oaths and compel the attendance of witnesses. All meetings of the Board shall be open to the public. The Board shall keep minutes of its proceedings showing the vote of each member upon the question, or, if absent or failing to vote, indicating such fact, and shall keep records of its examinations and other official actions, all of which shall be immediately filed in the office of the City Clerk and shall be a public record. All testimony, objections thereto and rulings thereon shall be taken down by a reporter employed by the Board for that purpose.

29.04 POWERS: The Board of Adjustment shall have the following powers:

A.  To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is an error in any order, requirements, decision, or determination made by an administrative official in the enforcement of these Articles or of any ordinance adopted pursuant thereto;

B.  To hear and decide all matters referred to it or upon which it is required to pass under such ordinance;

C. In passing upon appeals, where there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardship in the way of carrying out the strict letter of such ordinance, to vary or modify the application of any such regulations or provisions of such ordinance relating to the constructions or alteration of buildings or structures or the use of land so that the spirit of the ordinance shall be observed, public safety and welfare secured and substantial justice done.

29.05 CONDITIONS OF DETERMINATION:  In exercising the above mentions powers such Board may, in conformity with Section 89.010 to 89.040, reverse or affirmed wholly or partly, or may modify the order, requirement, decision or determination appealed from and may make such order; requirement, decision, or determination as ought to be made and to that end shall have all powers of the officer from whom the appeal is taken.

The concurring vote of four members of Board shall be necessary to reverse any order, requirement, decision, or determination of any such administrative official, or to decide in favor of the applicant on any matter upon which its required to pass under any such ordinance or to effect any variation in such ordinance.