2023 Updates and Changes in the City

The year 2023 has marked significant progress for the City of Flint Hill, particularly in enhancing the health and safety of its residents. A major improvement involves the update of our Sanitary Sewer lift stations, incorporating monitoring stations to replace the previous manual visual inspections. Thanks to High Tide Technologies, automated monitoring stations now promptly alert us to potential issues, ensuring a proactive approach to maintenance.

Moreover, we’ve addressed road safety by installing two radar speed signs on Mexico Rd. These signs serve as a reminder to travelers to adhere to posted speed limits. Plans are underway to extend this safety measure to Hwy P, promoting responsible driving habits within our community.

In pursuit of our vision for a thriving downtown, the City has acquired real property on Grothe Rd. This strategic purchase lays the foundation for future downtown development, with plans to transform the site into a formal City Hall—a permanent and centralized hub for our residents.

Embracing the inevitability of change, we enter 2024 with the understanding that progress is constant. Some businesses have closed their doors, but this year brings the promise of welcoming new enterprises and exploring opportunities for the City’s growth. As we adapt to evolving circumstances, we remain committed to fostering a vibrant and dynamic community in Flint Hill.

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