2024 Construction Plans

City utility providers have been actively engaged in numerous infrastructure enhancements. Fiber optic cable installation has been completed along Highway P, Mexico Road, and within Flint Hill Country Estates, enhancing connectivity in these areas.

Notably, Public Water Supply District #2 has undertaken a significant upgrade by installing a new water main on Mexico Road, contributing to the overall improvement of water infrastructure.

Looking ahead, the City is set to embark on a phased road repair project starting in the spring of 2024. Recognizing the financial constraints associated with road construction, we have judiciously allocated funds for this endeavor. Phase 1, slated to commence at the end of February or beginning of March, will focus on road repairs in Flint Hill Country Estates.

Our commitment extends beyond the initial phase, as we will diligently monitor roads throughout the City, addressing repair or replacement needs as they arise. This proactive approach underscores our dedication to maintaining a robust and safe urban environment for our residents.

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